Pediatric Feeding Therapy

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Feeling frustrated with your child’s daily feeding struggles?

Carol Elliott understands that feeding issues – no matter how big or small – can be stressful and overwhelming for any family. She can provide the specialized care you and your child need.

Carol Elliott OTR/L

Feeding Therapy Specialist

Carol Elliott is nationally recognized as expert in the field of pediatric feeding therapy through her clinical practice, presentations and publications. Her experience in feeding therapy dates back to her initial role in the development of the Feeding Program at Children’s Hospital of Richmond @ VCU. After 20 years working in the intensive day program and outpatient services, she decided to broaden her reach to children and families struggling with feeding disorders. With this in mind, she recently stepped out of the clinic to pursue a private home-base feeding therapy practice in order to integrate her extensive clinical experience with the parent/child/family directly in the home environment.

Meet Carol

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Pediatric Feeding Services follows the Transdisciplinary Effective Assessment and Treatment (TR-eat®) model for treatment intervention. This model was co-developed by occupational therapist Carol Elliott, OTR/L and psychologist Elizabeth Clawson, Ph.D. in 2009. TR-eat® is a comprehensive model that melds medical, nutrition, sensory and oral motor skill building with behavioral interventions. Systematic treatment techniques and home programming/parent training are used to create the “just right challenge” to help your child develop functional feeding skills using a “child guided” approach.

Treatment is guided by the child’s response and then led by the experienced therapist. Collaborating with other medical professionals to identify and  address any underlying medical issues affecting eating is an essential part of the treatment plan. Once medical well-being has been established, your child can then develop skills and confidence to eat, not refuse, play with or just lick their food.

Comprehensive approach to improve feeding skills

Including evaluation/therapy using the TR-eat Model® to address medical, sensory, motor, behavioral and environmental issues impacting your child.

Family centered and integrated care

Working with the family to create an individualized structured treatment plan that fits with your parenting style, goals and life-style. Collaboration with other healthcare professionals, teams, daycare and school.

Child guided

To help your child gain the skills and confidence to successfully eat a meal by building rapport, developing skills and guiding them through the process.

Addressing all of your feeding problems

Poor: bottle feeding; transition to age appropriate foods; chewing, drinking or self-feeding skills; growth and nutrition. Tube weaning, food refusal or selectivity, and many more…




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Andrée Bissonnette and Brien Chamney - Oakville Performance & Wellness
Andrée Bissonnette and Brien Chamney - Oakville Performance & Wellness
Andrée Bissonnette and Brien Chamney - Oakville Performance & Wellness
Andrée Bissonnette and Brien Chamney - Oakville Performance & Wellness
Andrée Bissonnette and Brien Chamney - Oakville Performance & Wellness